Malarath's Missive

A sealed letter from Malareth


Shadows embrace, my master.
Long have I toiled in these Twisted halls
and now, that toil bears fruit.
Your plans proceed as you had foreseen.
The time has come for the next stage.
Heroes from Fallcrest have been trying to
interfere with the Master’s work but
slaying them will bring me new servants.
I have therefore sent new talent to you.
Magnon has proven himself as a
powerful ally, worthy of your dark tutelage.

Orcus has returned the Skull of Decron to me
so that I may speed the release of
the master’s new ally. I have done my part. May our
enemies feel the cold shadow of Nerelith’s
return and lose all hope to madness

Malarath, your eternal apprentice

Malarath's Missive

Shadows over Aethon Twigbeard