Shadows over Aethon

Travius the Treacherous

The next recollections are drawn from my memories; my apologies to the gentle reader if they are not entirely accurate, or missing important parts. I have sustained numerous head and other injuries during our various adventures; the details of our encounters have begun to fade somewhat, although my most vivid memories are of the company’s latest exploits.

Our journey back to town from our last encounter brought us back to Travius, the betrayer. It was this evil dwarf who would guide us on his personal mission to further exploit the remaining assets of his fallen comrade, Dacron- who as it turns out, was betrayed and killed by Travius.

During the time between entries, our further expeditions involved overcoming an elaborate series of tests involving the obtainment of various pieces to puzzles that would unlock foes who challenged us to proceed further. Most prominent in these encounters were my comrades Sav Sawadee, Utumno the Paladin, and Reiks Hammerhand- although when sober, JK Scrumpy was able to assist. For our ultimate encounter with Dacron, we were joined by the warrior Tor.

We were eventually brought to a magic portal-gate that lead us to Dacron’s lair. We learned that a shardmind creature was being used to control the portal and we sought ways to free this poor fellow from his present situation. Surrounded by undead minions and stronger allies, we engaged the spirit of Dacron under the assumption that it was the right thing to do, not knowing that Travius had murdered him and would eventually seek to trap us in this tomb by taking the shardmind. I was attacked and knocked unconscious during the ensuing struggle, but was revived in time to assist with the escape from the crypt.



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