Shadows over Aethon

Prayers to Bahamut

After meeting up with Bishop at Shadowfell keep, we searched the outside remains and ruins of the keep and found nothing. We decided to enter the deep inner dungeons of the keep to explore for more information and treasures.

When we first entered the lower levels, we were confronted by goblins, I immediately could tell by there annoying chatter that they were scared and helpless, having no where else to run, but to fight any intruders that come there way. They posed a great threat to my group mates, beating my friends down to the very last inch of their breath, I could not stand for this so I decided to enter “legolas” mode and destroy all of those that were in our way…purely because I am so awesome and because I wanted to impress Bishop…and make Utumno jealous (problem…?).

We entered another rather huge room with a few hallways and floor traps…nothing special, I did however rediscover a whole new method of shooting arrows at monsters, by deflecting them off the walls, so as to bank my shots if there was no line of sight. My teammates were totally jealous…

After fighting our way through the halls and rooms we came upon the choice of two doors, one was a huge heavy gate that led further down into the keep, the other was a set of double doors that were strong and sturdy. We decided best to go through the strong doors as by some mystical being with lots of knowledge pointed us in that direction >.> <.< .

We entered the strong double doors to find ourselves in a room that stretched far in. At the entrance we could see a long corridor lined with sarcophagus. At the entrance there were two tables on both sides of the walls, the tables had on them what appeared to be statues of draconic nature. Upon further investigation we found out that the status were symbols of Bahamut. We left the statues alone and continued down the room into the corridor to further inspect the sarcophagus until we were heard a loud banging and were confronted by…

(to be continued…)



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