Shadows over Aethon

Into the Caves (Chapter 2)

After resting for the night, our journey in search of the fate of the caravans began anew with the dawn. Sable had returned to Falcrest, for reasons still unknown; she may have had some business to attend with her druidic order. We travelled a few leagues to find the river outside of the caves. It was shallow enough to cross without boat or ferry. Suddenly, JK Scrumpy, our rather fearless companion, let out a ferocious battlecry and proceeded with the intention to cleave a goblin in two before we knew what was happening. The party was quick to join in the pursuit, and soon we were caught in a mad chase to the caves where the goblin had fled.

He was joined by another of those comtemptable hexers, as well as more common goblin thugs like himself. Most unexpectedly, we found a fellow adventurer who had chosen to brave these caves on his own. While formidable looking, we feared for his chances alone and asked him to join our company having assisted us in dispatching the goblins. Calling himself Tor, he is a secretive fellow who seemed reluctant to speak of himself but would prove valuable nonetheless. We were wondering if the caves would provide challenge beyond a gaggle of goblins. We did not have long to wait.

We soon found ourselves deeper underground. The caves were merely a facade, intended most likely to disguise the very deliberately crafted underground lair of sentient creatures. We happened upon more goblin foes, and their vicious cave drake pet. Our company was starting to learn how to act as a team, and they proved to be less of a match than we had anticipated. The rooms of the dungeon chambers held numerous secrets, and I was fairly successful in unlocking them with some help from the others.

Not entirely dominated by goblins, we then happened upon kobolds, diminuitive draconics who typically worship all dragons. Unfearful of us, they nevertheless understood our numeric advantage and greater might. We were soon lead to their master, a young white dragon. Attempting to parley with this dragon, we learned of the stewardship of this abysmal place. It was not long before we found ourselves in conflict with more of this lair’s denizens, and found misadventure involving a shallow pit…


Lorne Hightower (Tom Lapcharoen)



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