Shadows over Aethon

Cries for help...

Reiks, Sav, Lorelian, Utumno, Bishop continue this journey deep into the dungeon.

We proceeded down the stairs rather clumsily making a lot of noise, we were confronted by goblins as punishment for our loud racket. Amongst the monsters, one of was a hobgoblin…who then later called out his friend Borash the Bugbear to come aid him and his fellow goblin friends against us.

We made short work of them and then proceeded to the next room and encountered another fight. Bishop was the first to enter. We all gathered into the room and wielding our arms and attacked the huge orc and his goblin minions. During the fight we dished out our most powerful daily powers and crushed our victims, not with out us being hurt though unfortunately. Reiks clumsily put himself in a position to be bull rushed into an iron maiden.

Throughout the encounter we heard screams in the room not afar, we assumed it was someone trapped in a cell, this was after all a torture chamber/prison. Plus I was too busy to be worried by a hapless prisoner crying for help, I need to maximize the opportunity of all situations to be bad ass.

We killed all and then grabbed the keys from the Orc and rescued a warlock named Arranis. Bishop later found her friend Kossis in the cell next to Arranis clearly hurt and badly damaged from the torture, she advised we not stay here any longer and make camp away from the keep and or head back to Winterhaven.

Our new member of the group seems very dark and mysterious, much like Reiks, I will have to keep a watchful eye on him as he has not yet earned my trust.



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