Shadows over Aethon

At the Crossroads (Chapter 1)

I shall begin this tale as many often do, making merriment and carousing at the fabled Inn of the Drunken Dragon in the city of Falcrest. Though I am new to adventuring, many’s the day I had spent in the study of the sorcerer’s arts to prepare myself for what lied ahead. I make my way to the city of Falcrest from west of the Elven kingdoms, for I am both mannish and Elvish by birth. Whilst supping on my favorites of mead and roasted pheasant and other delights at the Inn, I was later approached by some familiar faces, and those not so familiar. Seems a certain Dwarvish businessman was interested in the fate of caravans of which he was invested. With fellow wanderers JK Skrumpy the fighter and his associate (a fellow Bahamut faithful, the paladin Utumno) Sav Sawadee the shifter, Sable the Druidess, Moxi Crimsonmist the rogue, and Aurelia the warpriestess, our adventuring company set out to the general direction of the missing caravans, and met with resistance at a crossroads en route.

We were attacked by several wolves and their foul goblin masters. They were joined by a hexer, a nasty little goblin sort with some rankly amateurish spellcraft, but enough to cause our fledgling party some considerable inconvenience. Though the battle seemed somewhat drawn out, we were eventually victorious, and decided to camp out for the night to recover strength. The goblins had little on them, save for some minimal coin and typical trinkets. Most disappointing, but expected. Clues would lead us to caves beyond the nearest river.


Lorne Hightower (Tom Lapcharoen)



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