Shadows over Aethon

Jumping fences...

So we made our way back to town and we noticed a bunch of zombies attacking the guards to the entrance of the town…we made short work of them and were told that the area at the moment was under lock down. We were given a choice to go to the cemetery and deal with a looming threat. We were also told that a bunch of goblins were coming from the woods and causing havoc around the exterior of the town and that the soldiers needed help on that front.

We chose to go to the cemetery first because it seemed to be the more natural choice at the time. I honestly wasn’t paying attention because Utmno was bothering me about his cool new shield ability that he learned. I pretended like I cared…

We made our way to the cemetery and immediately the group split off. Lorelian, Utmno, JK Scrumpy and our latest member (which forgive me I forgot his name) went off to the bright blue circle that was up ahead while Tor and I went our own way and scouted the rest of the cemetery.

We immediately felt some vibrating pulses that came from the ground and the crackle of bones coliding. Skeletons had surfaced from the ground and attacked us. Tor and I immediately were split off from each other, I was surrounded and getting attacked from all angles. We couldn’t see our main group as they went further down into the cemetery.

I moved slowly away from my enemies and pinned myself in the corner by the fence. Being swinged at mercilessly, I decided to make a quick move and leaped over the 10 foot fence. It came naturally…

From my position, I could see Tor still confronted by his own group of skeletons, as I picked off Skeletons one by one from outside of the cemetery. I was in a prime position for attacking. It exercised my ability to shoot from a less than ideal position. Unfortunately, I could not bank any arrows off the fence…one day I will be able to bend the laws of physics and great imaginary walls so I can arbitrarily bounce arrows just for the sake of being a boss.

We noticed a familiar figure come out of one of the tombs and I knew by sounds of the wolves that came after the figure showed up, that my group was in some trouble. Like a boss, I shot down a minion with an incredibly powerful arrow (my two natural 20’s mind you…), and I slowly began working my way back to an ideal position to help the team out.

to be cont…

Cries for help...

Reiks, Sav, Lorelian, Utumno, Bishop continue this journey deep into the dungeon.

We proceeded down the stairs rather clumsily making a lot of noise, we were confronted by goblins as punishment for our loud racket. Amongst the monsters, one of was a hobgoblin…who then later called out his friend Borash the Bugbear to come aid him and his fellow goblin friends against us.

We made short work of them and then proceeded to the next room and encountered another fight. Bishop was the first to enter. We all gathered into the room and wielding our arms and attacked the huge orc and his goblin minions. During the fight we dished out our most powerful daily powers and crushed our victims, not with out us being hurt though unfortunately. Reiks clumsily put himself in a position to be bull rushed into an iron maiden.

Throughout the encounter we heard screams in the room not afar, we assumed it was someone trapped in a cell, this was after all a torture chamber/prison. Plus I was too busy to be worried by a hapless prisoner crying for help, I need to maximize the opportunity of all situations to be bad ass.

We killed all and then grabbed the keys from the Orc and rescued a warlock named Arranis. Bishop later found her friend Kossis in the cell next to Arranis clearly hurt and badly damaged from the torture, she advised we not stay here any longer and make camp away from the keep and or head back to Winterhaven.

Our new member of the group seems very dark and mysterious, much like Reiks, I will have to keep a watchful eye on him as he has not yet earned my trust.

Prayers to Bahamut

After meeting up with Bishop at Shadowfell keep, we searched the outside remains and ruins of the keep and found nothing. We decided to enter the deep inner dungeons of the keep to explore for more information and treasures.

When we first entered the lower levels, we were confronted by goblins, I immediately could tell by there annoying chatter that they were scared and helpless, having no where else to run, but to fight any intruders that come there way. They posed a great threat to my group mates, beating my friends down to the very last inch of their breath, I could not stand for this so I decided to enter “legolas” mode and destroy all of those that were in our way…purely because I am so awesome and because I wanted to impress Bishop…and make Utumno jealous (problem…?).

We entered another rather huge room with a few hallways and floor traps…nothing special, I did however rediscover a whole new method of shooting arrows at monsters, by deflecting them off the walls, so as to bank my shots if there was no line of sight. My teammates were totally jealous…

After fighting our way through the halls and rooms we came upon the choice of two doors, one was a huge heavy gate that led further down into the keep, the other was a set of double doors that were strong and sturdy. We decided best to go through the strong doors as by some mystical being with lots of knowledge pointed us in that direction >.> <.< .

We entered the strong double doors to find ourselves in a room that stretched far in. At the entrance we could see a long corridor lined with sarcophagus. At the entrance there were two tables on both sides of the walls, the tables had on them what appeared to be statues of draconic nature. Upon further investigation we found out that the status were symbols of Bahamut. We left the statues alone and continued down the room into the corridor to further inspect the sarcophagus until we were heard a loud banging and were confronted by…

(to be continued…)

Arrival at Winterhaven

After leaving the beaten path to wipe out the den of Kobolds, we returned to our original goal of traveling to Winterhaven. Upon arriving there, we set up at one of the tables in the tavern so we could listen in on the townsfolk and get a general feel for the mood. While there we met Valfren, a kindly old man who was both a sage and a scholar, and he informed us of the history of the town, the tavern, and the nearby keep. He informed us that the town was constantly plagued with Kobold raids, and that Lord Padraig was doing all he could to prevent the raids.

We then ran into the elf Nanarian, who we had run into while hunting the Kobolds. We thanked her for her help, and informed her that we had wiped out the Kobold den. We then sought an audience with Lord Padraig, who was in the tavern, and asked him how we may best serve Winterhaven. He let us know of the Kobold raids and the steps he had taken to defend the town, and we informed him of the den that we had wiped out. He was somewhat skeptical of our bold claims, and asked for proof. We then showed him the letter we had taken from the den, but did not show him that it said there was a spy in the town, for fear he may be the spy. We then asked if he knew of any cult of Orkus activity in the nearby area, and the tavern went silent as I mentioned the name Orkus. I could tell that these people lived in fear of Orcus by their reaction, but I pressed on.

Before Lord Padraig could tell us much more, a door at the other end of the tavern opened enough for a hand to indicate to Lord Padraig that they wanted to talk with us. We warily went over, but upon entering found private bedrooms and nothing alarming about the area. We were then greeted by Eleanor, who goes by the handle Bishop, a servant of Talasht. She serves in the area with two companions, Rook and Knight, and was assigned with Rook to look into the cult of Orkus, while Knight is off on a separate assignment, seeking Drow near the Karkenwood forest. It turns out Rook was a Kobold named Kossis, and was under cover in the Kobold den we had wiped out, but when she described his appearance and his unusually dark scales, we were certain we had not come across him. She suspects that Rooks cover was blown after she informed Lord Padraig of his role, but doesn’t believe Lord Padraig was the one who sold him out. Since we are both share the same goals, we agree to adventure with her to the keep, where she believes there may be goblins serving the cult of Orkus. We agree to meet with her the following day outside the keep, and she heads off to the Kobold den to look for any signs of Rook.

We then decide to spend our remaining time in Winterhaven scouting out the barrel where Reiks is supposed to drop off his missive. We place the missive in the secret compartment and spend the night keeping an eye on the barrel in hopes of finding a servant of Orkus in the town, but the only person to touch the barrel is the old stable boy in the morning. As we confront him about it, it doesn’t appear that he knows much about the cult or anything else, and we find that the missive is still in the secret compartment of the barrel. Since we have to meet Bishop, we take the letter back so that Reiks can deliver it himself at a later time. As we prepare to leave for the keep, we run into Valfren again, who lets us know more about the keep. We find that it is built over a rift to the Shadowfell, and was abandoned a long time ago when the commanding officer, Sir Keegan, went crazy and killed a bunch of people at the keep. We thank him and then head off to the keep to meet Bishop, and ensure that the rift to the Shadowfell remains closed.

Travius the Treacherous

The next recollections are drawn from my memories; my apologies to the gentle reader if they are not entirely accurate, or missing important parts. I have sustained numerous head and other injuries during our various adventures; the details of our encounters have begun to fade somewhat, although my most vivid memories are of the company’s latest exploits.

Our journey back to town from our last encounter brought us back to Travius, the betrayer. It was this evil dwarf who would guide us on his personal mission to further exploit the remaining assets of his fallen comrade, Dacron- who as it turns out, was betrayed and killed by Travius.

During the time between entries, our further expeditions involved overcoming an elaborate series of tests involving the obtainment of various pieces to puzzles that would unlock foes who challenged us to proceed further. Most prominent in these encounters were my comrades Sav Sawadee, Utumno the Paladin, and Reiks Hammerhand- although when sober, JK Scrumpy was able to assist. For our ultimate encounter with Dacron, we were joined by the warrior Tor.

We were eventually brought to a magic portal-gate that lead us to Dacron’s lair. We learned that a shardmind creature was being used to control the portal and we sought ways to free this poor fellow from his present situation. Surrounded by undead minions and stronger allies, we engaged the spirit of Dacron under the assumption that it was the right thing to do, not knowing that Travius had murdered him and would eventually seek to trap us in this tomb by taking the shardmind. I was attacked and knocked unconscious during the ensuing struggle, but was revived in time to assist with the escape from the crypt.

The 'Wrath' of Malareth (Chapter 3)

I am told that between my minor head injury (caused by a fall into the pit mentioned earlier), the need to prepare my most powerful spell (for the upcoming assault on this lair’s master), and my overall need to avoid pressing on with the company in the short term, our group of adventurers found themselves caught as the unwitting pieces in an unusual game of chess, among other things.

Instead, I will proceed to continue this story where I had rejoined the group. Our party decided to investigate rummaging sounds from yet another room whereupon we found yet more goblins, these two helping themselves to the contents of various crates lining the walls. They were none too pleased to welcome us, and another melee ensued. They were quickly joined by a third goblin, but proved to be outmatched in the end. Unfortunately, the odds were evened for them with the arrival of a monstrous bugbear companion. Wielding a terrible greataxe, he managed to badly injure me and hurt my companions until at last we were joined by Aurelia who, fresh into the fight, was successful in routing the bugbear away from the room. He was finally killed by yet another new companion, the infiltrator of this lair’s cult, a fellow we came to know as Reiks Hammerhand. After destroying his skeletal ‘companions’ we gathered from Reiks what knowledge we could about this place’s dread master, the villain known as Malareth, and prepared to engage him in a final battle.

Malareth had nothing but contempt for our band, and sent his three skeleton guardians and a horrifying hulking zombie to deal with us. We had planned a trap involving a brazier and flaming oil courtesy of Sav, but this plan met with mixed success. Tor and the paladin Utumno lead the fight and were injured the heaviest, but managed to recover as we pressed on to put Malareth’s servants down once and for all. The large zombie proved much more difficult as I had to recollect how to destroy these resilient re-animations permanently. As we began to turn the tables, Malareth was suddenly no longer amused and decided to give us his worst. However, in my many years, I do not think we had been so fortunate to have so many things go so wrong for an adversary. His mightiest foulcraft did little more than cause minor irritation. Worse still for him, I launched my most potent attack, the Dragonfang Bolt, which caused a spectacular amount of damage and left him badly injured. He was then killed by my companions, leaving Tor without a foe to interrogate. We searched the room thoroughly; I recovered Malareth’s staff, while others took various items for themselves.

All in all, we were fortunate this day…although I very much hope our company realizes that it will not always be as easy down the line.


Lorne Hightower (Tom Lapcharoen)

Into the Caves (Chapter 2)

After resting for the night, our journey in search of the fate of the caravans began anew with the dawn. Sable had returned to Falcrest, for reasons still unknown; she may have had some business to attend with her druidic order. We travelled a few leagues to find the river outside of the caves. It was shallow enough to cross without boat or ferry. Suddenly, JK Scrumpy, our rather fearless companion, let out a ferocious battlecry and proceeded with the intention to cleave a goblin in two before we knew what was happening. The party was quick to join in the pursuit, and soon we were caught in a mad chase to the caves where the goblin had fled.

He was joined by another of those comtemptable hexers, as well as more common goblin thugs like himself. Most unexpectedly, we found a fellow adventurer who had chosen to brave these caves on his own. While formidable looking, we feared for his chances alone and asked him to join our company having assisted us in dispatching the goblins. Calling himself Tor, he is a secretive fellow who seemed reluctant to speak of himself but would prove valuable nonetheless. We were wondering if the caves would provide challenge beyond a gaggle of goblins. We did not have long to wait.

We soon found ourselves deeper underground. The caves were merely a facade, intended most likely to disguise the very deliberately crafted underground lair of sentient creatures. We happened upon more goblin foes, and their vicious cave drake pet. Our company was starting to learn how to act as a team, and they proved to be less of a match than we had anticipated. The rooms of the dungeon chambers held numerous secrets, and I was fairly successful in unlocking them with some help from the others.

Not entirely dominated by goblins, we then happened upon kobolds, diminuitive draconics who typically worship all dragons. Unfearful of us, they nevertheless understood our numeric advantage and greater might. We were soon lead to their master, a young white dragon. Attempting to parley with this dragon, we learned of the stewardship of this abysmal place. It was not long before we found ourselves in conflict with more of this lair’s denizens, and found misadventure involving a shallow pit…


Lorne Hightower (Tom Lapcharoen)

At the Crossroads (Chapter 1)

I shall begin this tale as many often do, making merriment and carousing at the fabled Inn of the Drunken Dragon in the city of Falcrest. Though I am new to adventuring, many’s the day I had spent in the study of the sorcerer’s arts to prepare myself for what lied ahead. I make my way to the city of Falcrest from west of the Elven kingdoms, for I am both mannish and Elvish by birth. Whilst supping on my favorites of mead and roasted pheasant and other delights at the Inn, I was later approached by some familiar faces, and those not so familiar. Seems a certain Dwarvish businessman was interested in the fate of caravans of which he was invested. With fellow wanderers JK Skrumpy the fighter and his associate (a fellow Bahamut faithful, the paladin Utumno) Sav Sawadee the shifter, Sable the Druidess, Moxi Crimsonmist the rogue, and Aurelia the warpriestess, our adventuring company set out to the general direction of the missing caravans, and met with resistance at a crossroads en route.

We were attacked by several wolves and their foul goblin masters. They were joined by a hexer, a nasty little goblin sort with some rankly amateurish spellcraft, but enough to cause our fledgling party some considerable inconvenience. Though the battle seemed somewhat drawn out, we were eventually victorious, and decided to camp out for the night to recover strength. The goblins had little on them, save for some minimal coin and typical trinkets. Most disappointing, but expected. Clues would lead us to caves beyond the nearest river.


Lorne Hightower (Tom Lapcharoen)


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