Welcome to your new campaign!

Welcome to the SoA campaign page! If you haven’t created your character yet, I recommend you do so at your earliest convenience;remember not to fill out the character stats page as that will be maintained on the D&D Character Builder.
Current Player Characters:
JK Scrumpy Vagbane Human Slayer
Sav Sawasdee Longtooth Seeker
Sable Eladrin Druid
Lorus Hightower Half Elf Sorcerer/Sword Mage
Aurelia Ravenwind Elf War Priest
Utumno Whoresbane Human Paladin
Tor the Stormbringer Razorclaw Ranger
Reiks Hammerhand Human Runepriest

Sweet Web-comics
These web comics are not just hilarious, clever, and offer good stories…..they may also give you insight into what your DM is thinking as they have been quite instrumental in motivating me to start running a D&D campaign

Goblins (perhaps the most awesome fantasy comic evar! I was thinking to make this mandatory)
Order of the Stick (I have a huge poster of these guys on my wall)
Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic NSFW!! (there’s a few goblin/harpy/halfling boobies in here but it gives you an overlook of how the Underdark looks far before we get there)
DM of the Ring (it’s a very Meta comic, but i know we can all have a laugh)

Shadows over Aethon

Shadowumbre sav86 SableCrowsbeak JKScrumpyVB Sookie_Lovesac trigbc ptdp03 reiksmarshal